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VeryPuzzle Corner Only Megaminx

El VeryPuzzle Corner Only Megaminx es un cubo que representa tan solo las esquinas del megaminx, tiene 20 piezas a ordenar, en cada esquina encontramos 3 colores que al juntarse con los colores de sus piezas adyacentes hacen que el cubo en total tenga 12 colores. Es bastante sencillo de resolver.

El VeryPuzzle Corner Only Megaminx (D5A1) nace del resultado de extender las esquinas del Megaminx Ball V1.0. De hecho es un megaminx ball con grandes tapas insertadas en las esquinas que forman otro cubo. Lo que Verypuzzle pretende con este cubo es ver el resultado de extender piezas de algunos de sus rompecabezas ya existentes, esto les abre un mundo de posibilidades para la creación de nuevos cubos sin empezar diseños desde cero.

Nota: El cubo incluye un set de sticker que hay que ponerle.

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Ficha técnica
Color Base
Corner Only Megaminx
125 mm
260 g
Con Stickers
rating 10
Nice geometry, but subpar hardware
rating 5
I bought this because I wanted to have an icosahedral puzzle in my collection. First of all, about the puzzle: This is isomorphic to the Kilominx, which, as the name indicates, is a "corner-only megaminx". This means that in terms of puzzle fun, it's pretty much solvable with all the standard methods. One warning: The puzzle comes apart very easily, making it pretty much impossible to enjoy. The puzzle is made from a spherical core, onto which triangular plates are attached. These plates are attached to the core by small push-in connectors, and come apart quite easily. During the time of a single solve, it's likely that at least one plate will come off. Putting it back means you're ruining the cube's orientation parity, and as a result you'll have to orient one plate by hand at the end of the solve. You could avoid this by being extremely careful, but that ruins the fun for me: I want to think about the solve, not about the flimsy mechanism. Another detail to keep in mind is the fact that this puzzle comes unstickered out of the box. This means you'll have to put on all 120 stickers yourself by hand. Not only will that take some time, but it will also mean that you're very likely to have at least one badly-stickered facet on the cube. (Even if you're able to put on stickers perfectly 99% of the time, given that there are 120 stickers.) Finally, the color scheme is weird. My cube came only with one shade of blue (a very dark blue), but no light blue. On the other hand, my cube has an over-abundance of browns and reds. This means you can't just sticker it with the standard Megaminx color scheme. Now, it may just be that since the cube comes unstickered the people who packed my cube just put in one more shade of brown instead of a light blue, but then again, that's what you get for buying a non-stickered cube. If have to mention though that my cube came with 13 distinct colors (many shades of brown though), and each color has two extra stickers. All-in-all, quite nice because it's an icosahedron – a shape that I'd like to see more often – but the hardware is not really great, so be careful. Good acquisition for a pure collector, but not suited to the "I want to play with all my puzzles" crowd.
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